Without Her, Even Hero Is Zero - 我是顾家男

Wo Shi Gu Jia Nan
A story about the devil boss and her nice guy boyfriend as they overcome the obstacles of dating in an attempt to find their happily ever after.  

 Gu Jianan (Huang Jian-wei) identifies as part of the never-marry group while Xu Shuangshuang (Cheryl Yang) is a woman whose fierce and tough reputation precedes her. While they act like sworn enemies at work, they have been dating in secret for some time.  

 Jianan finally gets an opportunity to be up for promotion, but the honor ultimately goes to Shuangshuang. Moreover, he is about to lose his home all while his girlfriend's judgmental mother looks down on him. With so many problems thrown their way, can Jianan successfully marry Shuangshaung?
13 Episodes
01 March 2019