Twin of Brothers - 大唐雙龍傳

Evil sects have always had an evil king in every generation to lead them. There was one such evil king by the name of Sek Chi Hin. He learned an evil martial art, but since he possessed a kind nature and did no’t want this evil power to harm mankind in the possible future, heasked two grandmasters to help him freeze himself along with the Evil Relic in the Evil King Tomb. The Evil Relic stored all the power of the evil kings in the past and was one of the most invincible power sources in the world. However, the Evil Relic is very tricky, and transferred a part of itself into one of the pieces of clothing of one of the grandmasters before he left the tomb. This piece of clothing turned out to be the "Immortal Routine", and along with teaching its reader amazingpower, it was also the key to opening the evil king's tomb.
Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Leila Tong, Nancy Wu, Li Qian, Christine Ng
42 Episodes
19 July 2004
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