The Woman Who Married Three Times - 세번 결혼하는 女子

She Gets Married Thrice / Thrice Married Woman / 結三次婚的女人
This family drama is about a mom and her two daughters, and the many men in their lives.

Oh Eun Soo (Lee Ji Ah) is the second daughter in this family. Jung Tae Won (Song Chang Ui) is her first husband and Kim Joon Goo (Ha Suk Jin) is her new love interest, a guy who’s still in school for his management degree.
Romance, Comedy, Family
Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ji Won, Song Chang Ui, Ha Suk Jin, Jo Han Sun, Seo Young Hee
Son Jung Hyun
32 Episodes
09 November 2013
Production company(s):
Samhwa Networks