Naomi and Kanako (Cantonese) - 直美與加奈子

ナオミとカナコ / Naomi to Kanako
Naomi Oda (Ryoko Hirosue) aspired to become a curator at an art gallery, but she currently works in a department store. Her job is to cater to VIP customers. She is not happy with her current position. One day, her friend since their college days, Kanako Hattori (Yuki Uchida) visits Naomi at her apartment. Kanako tells Naomi that she gets beaten by her husband Tatsuro. Her husband is an elite employee at a bank and lashes out at his wife when stressed. Naomi tells her friend to divorce her husband, but Kanako is worried that her husband would kill her if she did. Her husband's violent behavior controls Kanako.

Oneday, Naomi happens to see a Chinese stowaway who looks just like Kanako's husband. This causes Naomi to think of a perfect plan to kill Kanako's husband. Naomi and Kanako soon carry out their plan.

Ryoko Hirosue, Yuki Uchida. Yo Yoshida, Atsuko Takahata, Ryuta Sato
Hiro Kanai, Hiroki Hayama
14 January 2016
Production company(s):
Fuji TV