Mr. Nanny - 月嫂先生

Yue Sao Xian Sheng
A story that follows a man who returns from abroad but encounters a troublesome situation. By chance, he meets a single mom and secures himself a job as her after-birth caregiver.
Shen Xin Wei who is exceptional at academics has become a rising star as an educator in North America. He is honest, righteous and principled but he gets framed for something that he did not commit. Out of anger, he leaves his life abroad and returns to China. However, his luck worsens as he runs into more troble such that his day to day living expenses have become a problem.
Na Na is a white-collar worker. Shortly after registering her marriage abroad, she learns that the man she has fallen for has an impending marriage waiting for him in China. She realizes that she's pregnant and just as she prepares to become a single mother, Shen Xin Wei volunteers to be the nanny. 
超級學霸沈心唯,是北美學術界備受矚目的學術新星。他為人正直,堅持正義,卻受人誣陷,一氣之下回國另謀發展。不料剛一回國卻攤上了更大的麻煩,生活都成了問題。白領那娜,剛與路凱在國外領證,卻得知路家即將在國內與許家聯姻。然而此時,那娜發現自己已經懷孕。機緣巧合下,沈心唯與那娜結識,那娜下定決心做個堅強的單親媽媽,而沈心唯主動成為了她的月嫂先生。二人從針鋒相對到逐漸了解,最終收穫了愛情的沈心唯,也放下一直以來的“學術執拗”,從那娜和孩子身上找到了 ...
45 Episodes
23 August 2018