Legend of Fuyao - 扶摇

The story takes place in the universe of five kingdoms that is led by the Imperial City of Tianquan. Meng Fuyao was formed from a lotus borne by the Ancient firmament. Since young, she came under the tutelage of the Xuanyuan sect from the Taiyuan Kingdom. She was always looked down upon for her lack of talent in martial arts until she learned an invincible fighting technique at the age of 16; and since then had tremendous improvements in her martial arts. Tasked with a pivotal mission to collect the secret orders of the five kingdoms, she embarks on a journey across the land. Along the way, she falls in love with the Crown Prince of Tianquan and together, they battle the complicated politics and power plays between the different forces. Amidst the battle of authority between Zhangsun Wuji and Zhan Beiye, Fuyao was revealed to be the daughter of the King of Xuanji. With the help of her loyal companions, she sets out to unravel the heinous plot of the ancient firmament. Using her flesh and meat to counter the heavenly beings, Fuyao ultimately succeeds in destroying the evils of the world and bringing peace to the land.
Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Yang Mi, Ethan Juan
66 Episodes
18 June 2018
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