Fall in Love With Me (Cantonese) - 愛上兩個我

After a series of meaningless ads, creative prodigy and Tian Ji Advertisement CEO Lu Tian Xing announces that he is going on hiatus until he rediscovers his inspiration. During his escape he unwittingly walks into the film set of a small advertisement company, OZ, and is reminded of the passion involved in commercial making.

Tao Le Si is the boss of OZ, a collapsing company that her brother had left behind. One day she has a misfortunate encounter with the arrogant Lu Tian Xing, as well as a warmhearted young man, Xiao Lu, who looks just like him! She finds herself becoming dependent on the polar opposite personalities of both. Will she fall in love with the two of them?
Romance, Comedy
Aaron Yan, Tia Li, Jack Li, Beatrice Fang, Kao Ying Hsuan, Chen Bo Zheng, Jian Chang, Xie Qiong Nuan, Evan Yo, Katherine Wang, Yang Ming Wei
Guo Chun Hui
32 Episodes
11 September 2014
Production company(s):
Eastern Shine Production Co., Ltd