Deep In The Realm Of Conscience - 宮心計2深宮計

Duringthe reign of Emperor Shang of Tang, Steven Ma and Alice Chan stage a coup and execute the Empress (Michelle Yim) who was corroding the court system. They support Lee Lung Kei in reclaiming the throne. The palace appears to be returning to peace, but actually, the great waves are secretly approaching... On the court, the aunt-nephew camp of Alice and Steven begin to be divided and become like fire andwater!Within the inner palace, Steven's wife Nancy Wu and favourite concubineChrissie Chau compete with their beauty and cannot get along. Fortunately, within the deceitful inner palace, there is rare integrity.The heroic and righteous imperial guards, Kenneth Ma and Edwin Siu, andthe quiet and elegant department heads, Jacqueline Wong and Annie Liu, are four genuine people that decorate the gloomy and cold palace halls with a brush of romance and add a little mystery... Some people will give up everything for their most beloved, while others will give up their soul for power! A series of unsolved cases occur in the palace. Within the layers and layers of mystery is a long-kept secret. As it is slowly unraveled, it reveals humanity's deep thirst for power and wealth...




Historical, Romance
Nancy Wu, Annie Liu, Steven Ma, Kenneth Ma, Edwin Siu, Chrissie Chau, Alice Chan, Jacqueline Wong, Susan Tse
36 Episodes
21 May 2018
Production company(s):