Cold Blood Warm Heart - 天地男兒

天地男儿 / Tin Dei Nam Yee / Tian Di Nan Er
Tsui Wing-pong (Adam Cheng) and Tsui Ka-lap (Gallen Lo) are adopted brothers. Wing-pong was sent to the Tsui family when he was very young because his biological father abandoned the family during a difficult period. Over the years, Wing-pong bears a deep grudge against his biological father, who is the owner of the Yip family bank. At the same time, the Yip family had a dark past and some dangerous secrets.

Lo Chi-kin (Julian Cheung) is the new head of Wing-pong's division at the police station. He has a sister Rebecca Lo Wai-fong (Christine Ng), for whom Wing-pong had an unrequited love. Chi-kin and his best friend Yip Sing-hong (Louis Koo) fall in love with Fong Hau-yung (Nadia Chan), who works at the bank run by the Yip family and so was she. However, Chi-kin and Hau-yung were forced to give up on each other, due to some circumstances, and Chi-kin ends up marrying Cheung Suet-ying (Jessica Hsuan), who is actually in love with Wing-pong's brother, Tsui Ka-lap.

During one murder case, Wing-pong was falsely accused as the murderer and was sent to jail. Following his release, he discovered that his brother, Ka-lap, was the real murderer and was also involved in many other criminal activities. It was later revealed that Ka-kap had the backing of the Yip family to commit the crimes he did. Seeing that there is no other choice, Wing-pong embarked on a dangerous journey to capture Ka-lap and to investigate the dark secrets that the Yip family held, but not without the unforeseen consequences of the sacrifice that the major characters had to make.

Crime, Romance, TV Series
Adam Cheng, Gallen Lo, Julian Cheung, Louis Koo, Christine Ng, Adia Chan, Jessica Hsuan
65 Episodes
05 February 1996
Production company(s):
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