Big White Duel - 白色強人

Healthcare reform in Hong Kong is a controversial topic, the government plans to privatize public hospitals and raise funds to maintain operations. Marshall Paxton, a leading public hospital, has become a pilot for reform. Yeung Yat-to (Roger Kwok), the Deputy Chief Executive of Marshall Paxton and the head of Neurosurgery, has worked for 5 years and plans to make Marshall Paxton a listed company that earns more than 10 billion a year, consolidating his power. Tong Ming (Kenneth Ma), the head of Cardiothoracic Surgery, disagrees with Yat-to's plan of putting profits before patients, but is used by Marshall Paxton Chief Executive Lui Chung-hok (David Chiang) in his power struggle to oppose reform. Yat-to, Tong Ming and cardiothoracic surgeon Ching Lok-man (Ali Lee), A&E's So Yi (Natalie Tong), neurosurgeon Lui Oi-ling (Kelly Cheung), a group doctors wearing white robes, are not only fighting to save patients, but also human greed and lust for power.  

Kenneth Ma, Ali Lee, Natalie Tong, Ram Chiang, Roger Kwok, Kelly Cheung
30 Episodes
10 June 2019
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