Beyond the Rainbow - 歲月樓情

Comprised of best actor and best actresscaliber artists, the cast brings to life a story spanning 30 years thattakes place amidst the background of a public housing complex.  The series bears witness to how ordinary, working class citizens rely on their unyielding persistence and “never give up” attitude to endure through hardships and eventually build up a stable family unit.   

Same blue sky, countless family units --as long as the starting point is a happy, healthy, stable family unit, everyone has the chance to live a fulfilling, brilliant life, and over the flow of time, leave behind footprints that bear witness to the life stories of various peoples.
Ha Yu, Paw Hee Ching, Felix Wong, Leila Tong, Emily Kwan, Philip Keung
Wong Kwok Keung
15 Episodes
11 May 2015
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