All Is Well - 都挺好

Dou Ting Hao / Everything is Alright
Everything falls apart after the death of the Su family matriarch and after ‘suffering’ for so long under his wife, the weak and selfish Su Daqiang begins to meddle in his children’s lives and often asks them to meet the most unreasonable requests.

 The filial oldest brother Su Mingzhe returns from overseas to try and solve his family problems, but crumbles under the pressure and becomes emotionally detached with his wife Wu Fei and son. 

 Second brother Su Mingcheng is a vain, greedy and spoiled man child who has a strained relationship with with wife Zhu Li. Youngest daughter Su Mingyu has always been the least favoured child, and though reluctant to get involved in the mess, she becomes to key to bringing everyone back together. 

 《都挺好》改編自阿耐的同名小說,講述了職場金領蘇明玉從小不受家人待見,生長在家庭的邊緣,在孤獨扭曲的環境中長大成人的故事 。表面上無限風光的蘇家,隨著蘇母的突然離世,瞬間分崩離析。意想不到的隱患層層顯露,對毫無主見卻又自私、小氣的蘇父的安置和後續生活問題,打破了遠在國外的大哥與本城的二哥、小妹三家的平靜生活。父親蘇大強終於擺脫了妻子的鐵腕
46 Episodes
01 March 2019