A Watchdog's Tale - 老友狗狗

A Watchdog's Tale

LAI CHUN SING (Kent Cheng) has been in the police force for 30years, working in the front-line CID department for the first 5 years.During one investigation, his assistant police dog was saving a life,however he ended up exchanging his life and passed away. Struck by thedeath, SING decided to join the Police Dog Unit. In the 25 years, headvanced from a dog caretaker to an instructor and plans to use hisretirement money to open a dog care center, allowing dog owners tobring their dogs for training and play.

SING's wife had died several years ago and left him with an obedientdaughter LAI SIN YUE (Linda Chung). YUE had been influenced by herfather, loving animals as if their people and even studied to become aVeterinarian in Australia. After returning to HK, she worked in aveterinary clinic, spreading all the knowledge she knows about animalcare to the public who has limited knowledge. Later she decides to joinin with her father to work in the dog care center to do veterinary work.

HO TIN YAU (Raymond Wong) is SING's student, while CHOW YUNG KUNG(Steven Ma) is his older cousin. KUNG and YUE are a bickering pair. Onthe first meeting, Yue accidentally injured him and cause himembarrassment, therefore did not have a good impression on her. Later,after getting to know her, Kung began to have feelings for her andtried to pursue her. However, in Yue's eyes, he has no loving heart fordogs and even wanted to eat dog meat. To this, Yue rejected his love.

TV Series
Steven Ma, Kent Cheng, Linda Chung, Maggie Shiu
20 Episodes
28 December 2009
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