A Journey to Meet Love - 一場遇見愛情的旅行

一场遇见爱情的旅行 / Yi Chang Yu Jian Ai Qing De Lu Xing
A white-collar worker and a detective become embroiled in an elaborate mystery when a famous painting gets linked to an international drug smuggling enterprise. 

 Li Xinyue (Jing Tian) who works as an ordinary employee uses a large sum of money to win the bid to a famous artwork called Bao Bei that was created by Chu Hongfei. Her unusual action alerts the police which sends undercover cop Jin Xiaotian (Chen Xiao) to launch an investigation. The two unexpectedly end up joining a tour group organized by Chu Hongfei's son Chu Zhihan (He Minghan) that is headed towards Shangrila, Xinyue's hometown and a place that she misses but also fears the most. Lin Xinyue starts falling for Jin Xiantian as he takes on the role of her protector without knowing that he is on a mission because of the painting and that she may already be in danger. 

52 Episodes
20 April 2019
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