Unbowed - 부러진 화살

Broken Arrow
In late 2007, one math professor named Kim Kyung-ho (Ahn Seong-gi) is arrested for attempting to assault the judge who presided over a trial on his appeal case. Several years ago, he was fired by his university just because he could not be silent about one faulty problem in some important exam. He filed a lawsuit for this unfair discharge, but he lost. Later, after finding that there was a good chance for his win, he enters an appeal, but that judge dismisses it without any proper reason. He is so angry and frustrated that, one night, he ambushes the judge with his crossbow and threatens him to admit his mistrial.
Ahn Sung Ki, Park Won Sang, Na Young Hee, Kim Ji Ho, Moon Sung Geun, Lee Kyeong Yeong
Chung Ji Young
100 Minutes
18 January 2012