The Scam - 작전

Jak Jeon
Hyeon-su (Park Yong-Ha) loses everything in the stock market only to spend the next five years glued to his computer screen as a day trader. While eating virtually nothing but instant noodles, Hyeon-su slowly recoups his losses and then some. He vows to quit once he makes enough to support his mother and younger brother.

Hyeon-su then hits the jackpot, while disrupting a stock market scam. This attracts the attention of a former gangster turned investor, Jong-ku Kwang (Park Hie-Sun), who loses millions because of Hyeon-su's actions. Rather than seeking revenge, Jong-ku sees invites Hyeon-su to join his elite team as they attempt their biggest scam yet. The group then attempts to swindle $60,000,000 from the stock market.
Park Yong Ha, Kim Min Jung, Park Hie Sun, Kim Moo Yeol, Park Yong Yeon, Kim Jun Seong
Lee Ho-Jae
119 mins
February 12, 2009
Production company(s):
Showbox, Mediaplex