National Security - 남영동 1985

In 1985, Jong-tae Kim was illegally kidnapped in front of his wife and children and forcefully imprisoned by agents in the Namyoung area. And savage torture began. Professional interrogator and torturer Doo-han Leewas at the center of the fabricated incident. He was a no nonsense expert in interrogations and tortures, yet a cold-blooded man who never hesitated or felt remorse in driving his interrogation victims to their deaths. 20 years have passed, Korea is a democracy, and Kim, who now holds a rank of a Minister, is on the way to meet Lee in prison. Kim cannot stand bear to put his hand on Lee’s shoulder as Lee kneels down and asks forgiveness. Now Kim thinks about the cruel past, the deep scars left in his mind, and the possibility of forgiveness.
Historical, Crime
Park Won Sang, Lee Kyeong Yeong, Myeong Kye Nam, Kim Ee Seong
Chung Ji Young
110 Minutes
22 November 2012