I am Father - 나는 아빠다

Na-neun Abba-da
Han Jong-Sik (Kim Seung-Woo) is a corrupt cop. He also has a sick daughter named Min-Ji (Kim Sae-Ron) . For Min-Ji, Jong-Sik frames innocent people and does favors for the mob. One day, organ transplant coordinator Soo-Kyung (Choi Jung-Yoon) locates a heart for Min-Ji. But the guardian for the heart is magician Na Sang-Man (Son Byung-Ho). Na Sang-Man was falsely accused of a crime by Jong-Sik and sent to prison.

Meanwhile, Jong-Sik's colleague Detective Kim (Lim Ha-Ryong) has doubts about Sang-Man's case. Detective Kim then discovers evidence that reveals the real criminal.

Jong-Sik knows by his own intuition that Sang-Man will not let the organ transplant occur. Because of this, Jong-Sik is about to hand Sang-Man over to the mob. Sang-Man is aware of Jong-Sik plans and kidnaps Min-Ji ...
Action, Crime
Kim Seung-Woo, Son Byung-Ho, Kim Sae-Ron, Lim Ha-Ryong, Choi Jung-Yoon
Jeon Man-Bae, Lee Se-Young
99 mins
April 14, 2011
Production company(s):
Lotte Entertainment