Devil Touch - 致命性騷擾

Chi Meng Sing Siu Yiu
Office worker Amy goes berserk and tries to stab her boss, Cheuk, accusing him of sexual harassment and rape. The higher-ups accept Amy's description of the event and Cheuk is suspended, in spite of the fact that in-house lawyer Joe believes the man is innocent. He's right: Amy and scheming department head Jacquline are lovers and conspired to bringabout Cheuk's downfall, giving Jacquline a better shot at becoming the new CEO. However, Joe and Jacquline used to be lovers and he knows her scheming and duplicitous nature all too well.
Alex Fong, Michael Tao, Keng Wong, Iris Chai, Pinky Cheung
Billy Tang
88 mins
January 31, 2002