David Loman - 大尾鱸鰻

In 1990s, a Taiwan local photographer Zhu Dade (De Go Liang) accidentally becomes a Mafia boss. And to catch up with trend of internationalization, later changes his name into "David Loman", in Taiwanese means great gangster. Xiao Ho (Tony Yang) who is a nerd has a Feng shui Master father Old Ho (De Go Liang), who looks like the same as Boss David the Mafia boss, exchange their identity coincidentally, but unfortunately murdered as a substitute for Boss David. In order to fight for the justice in this sin world, Xiao Ho, Boss David and his daughter Jin (Amber Kuo) team up “DL Special Force”.
Amber Kuo, Chu Ko Liang, Tony Yang
Chiu Li Kwan
98 Minutes
01 February 2013