Confession of Murder - 내가 살인범이다

I'm A Killer
On the day the 15-year statute of limitations expired on a high profile serial murder case thatclaimed the lives of 10 women, a family member of the victim throws himself off the building in front of Choi Hyung-goo (Jung Jae-young), the detective in charge of the case. Two years later, a man called Lee Du-seok (Park Si-hoo) publishes a book titled "I am the Murderer" claiming responsibility for the murders that took place 17 years ago. His book becomes a bestseller because of the author’s charming looks andhis vivid depiction of the crime. 
The detective and the self-proclaimed murderer meet face to face on a television debate show. Believing that Lee is nothing but a con artist posing as the murderer for the fame alone, Detective Choi renews his search for the ultimate truth. Then another man appears suddenly, claiming he is the real perpetrator.
Action, Thriller
Jo Eun Ji, Kim Young Ae, Jung Jae Young, Jang Gwang, Park Si Hoo
Byeong-gil Jeong
120 Episodes
08 November 2012